Coalpit Heath Village Hall & The Miners Social Club 


in the heart of the village since 1927

Chew Toys of all sizes and durability
Non Xylitol Peanut Butter
Primula Cream Cheese spread in Tubes
Hot Dog Sausages in jars or tins
Small training treats like
Natural treats such as pigs ears, antler bars, dried fish chew. No rawhide though please.
Wet Dog Food. We would prefer loaf or jelly please (no gravy) and our preferred brands are Natures Diet, James Wellbeloved, Butchers and Winalot
Enrichment feeders

Cat Treats including Dreamies and Lick-e-Lix
Cat toys
Cat games
Wet Cat/Kitten Food. We would prefer jelly please (and our preferred brands are Whiskas, Felix, Applaws, Natures Diet)
Dry Cat/Kitten Food Hypoallergenic or Grain Free only please, that does not contain any colourings, such as James Wellbeloved/ Royal Canin/Harringtons/Wainwrights/Lily's Kitchen/Applaws
Furminator combs and brushes
Enrichment feeders
Scratching mats or posts

We would prefer not to receive rawhide treats or toys with eyes that come out and no Dry Dog food please.

We have lots to inspire you in our Amazon wish lists (supplies & wishlist below)

Once filled, please mark as CAT or DOG and drop the box directly to Coalpit Heath Village Hall at any time in December but before Christmas Day (we are open lunchtimes & evenings). Our volunteer will then deliver the shoe boxes to the animals at Holly Hedge.